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What to Pack for Oregon – Packing List


Oregon What to Pack

The beautiful and scenic Oregon sits in the far west of the United States along the Pacific Ocean. While it has a mild climate, it’s still important to know what to pack in preparation for the weather.


If you expect the coast to be very warm in the summer, you’re probably mistaken. Generally, while t-shirts and jeans are fine during the summer, you’ll want to bring extra layers to bundle up when temperatures drop. Also, a jacket is usually needed to deal with the rain. It rains quite a bit in Oregon, and even in the summer, you can get caught in a downpour or drizzle. Gortex is the best fabric for jackets if you live in the area. Overall, springtime is a rainy season. Things heat up and get a little drier during the summer and into the fall, but the rains fall pretty constantly beginning about mid-winter. So, if you don’t like rain, visit in late July through early October, though you’ll probably still get caught in storms during those months.


If you’re planning to head anywhere in the countryside, take backpacks and bags that are water proof. If you’re just going to be staying in the city, any luggage that protects against the rain will do.

Other Things

Visitors who plan to go hiking will want to bring some insect repellent. Otherwise, you can find toiletries and medical supplies in almost any town or city in the state.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about what to pack for Oregon.  

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