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North Korea Nightlife

North Korea Nightlife – Clubs, Bars & Nightlife Tips


North Korea Nightlife

North Korea is bordered by China and South Korea. As one of the most isolated countries in the world, the nightlife in the country is incredibly limited.

Hotel Nightlife

The truth is that North Korea has a very limited nightlife due to the number of restrictions in place. Nighttime entertainment will most likely be limited to your hotel. There are two hotels in Pyongyang that are open to tourist: the Yangakkdo Hotel and the Koryo Hotel. Both of them have casinos and nightclubs, although these are not open to locals. This means that the clubs are typically, mostly empty. However, tourists will find a ten-pin bowling alley and a driving range to help pass the time. Other hotel features include swimming pools and home brewed beers. Beer will most likely be limited to your hotel, since it’s not generally served in the city.

Nightlife in Pyongyang will be spent mostly with other people that you are traveling with. As in many parts of Asia, karaoke is also popular in North Korea and you’ll be able to participate in some at your hotel. You’ll most likely see Chinese tourists as well, which is another reason that karaoke is popular in the evenings.

Dress Code

While at your hotel, you are free to dress relatively casually, North Korea is a very conservative country though. It’s best not to draw too much attention to yourself while traveling, so dress to the expectations of the locals, who are already antagonistic to foreigners.

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