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Newest fare increase stalled … for now


Sometimes, keeping up with the airline industry reminds me of playing “Follow the Leader” on an elementary school playground.

Last week, Delta increased its fares by $5 to offset ever-increasing fuel prices. American, Continental, United, and US Airways, hoping this would stick, quickly followed suit. Southwest, however, abstained from this price hike—although the airline has [% 2355271 | | already raised prices %] numerous times this year.

Without Southwest in the fold, the other carriers quickly pulled back their increases. This is the second time in a month the airlines have failed to push through a fare increase.

Given the burgeoning cost of fuel and the high travel demand expected for this summer, I expect we’ll hear of more attempts at a price hike in a week or two. (Just like on the playground, the airlines tend to play the same games over and over again.)

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