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Malaysia, anyone? Airline offers $99 first-class companion tickets*


The whole concept of a “bargain” is subjective. I might think even a first-class ticket sale price is too expensive at $2,000, while you might consider it a bargain because that’s less than the everyday price. Keep that in mind when you consider today’s news: Five-star carrier Malaysia Airlines is offering a pretty phenomenal first-class sale through December 31.

The details: Buy one full-fare first-class ticket for a flight departing from Los Angeles (LAX) to any destination served by the airline and get a companion first-class seat for $99 (before taxes and fees) for the same itinerary.

Ninety-nine bucks! But is it a bargain? It depends on where you’re coming from. If you’re the type to always fly first class (and if so, nice work) then yes, this is a steal. Two travelers flying together on this deal would pay just a little more than half-price for each first-class ticket. On the other hand, if first-class is out of your budget then this doesn’t really help enough to make it affordable. The taxes and fees alone could add up to $466 on the $99 companion seat.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this offer, you’ll need to call the Malaysia Airlines Premier Desk at 888-627-8477 or speak with a travel agent to book. It cannot be booked online, though you can see which cities the airline serves by checking its website.

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