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Majorca Island – What to Pack – Clothing and Supplies Tips


Majorca Island What to Pack 

Majorca is the biggest and most important island in the Balearic Islands just off the western coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is a very popular destination for tourists because of its world-class weather and beautiful scenery. Because of its beauty, many popular figures, like Chopin and Agatha Christie, have spent time on the island for inspiration. If you are planning on visiting Majorca, here are some packing tips to help you with your trip.

Pack for Cool Weather in the Spring

Majorca is pretty warm in the spring, but it can get quite chilly at night. If you are planning on visiting during this time of year, be sure to pack clothing that is suitable for both. This means it might be a good idea to pack a sweatshirt or a light jacket to help with the cooler evenings.

Hot Summers

If you go during the summer, pack for the beach. It gets extremely hot during the summer months and stays that way. It is also a good idea to bring some sunscreen and some sunglasses.

May Showers 

May is one of the busiest times of year when it comes to rainfall. If you visit during May, be sure to pack a raincoat or even get an umbrella to keep with you at the hotel. The rain seemingly comes out nowhere on the island, so you need to always be prepared.

Make Your Suitcase Stand Out 

Decorate your suitcase in a way that is unique to you. This way, it won’t get lost in the myriad of luggage that all seems to look the same when it is coming around on the carousel.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about how to pack for Majorca. 

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