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Lufthansa First Airline to Display All Taxes and Fees


Starting November 1, Lufthansa’s online fare postings, ads, and other public statements will cite your true, total cost for an air trip, including all applicable taxes and fees. New Department of Transportation rulings require all airlines to display all-up fares starting next January—and European regulators are also getting strict about full-cost advertising—but Lufthansa decided to make its move early. Two big questions remain:


  • Will any other important airlines follow Lufthansa’s lead, or will they wait until the regulation goes into effect?
  • How will the big online travel agencies (OTAs) treat fare displays in the interim? Currently, some (including Expedia) already display and rank fares by total; while others (including Travelocity) still feature pretax prices in their initial displays.


This is clearly a win for consumers, and we should applaud Lufthansa for moving ahead early.

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