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Unlock Your Door With Your Fingerprint: Lockly Secure Pro Review


The Lockly Secure Pro can unlock your door remotely with a keycode, via Alexa, or with your fingerprint. Never juggle your keys again or have to run home to let house guests in.

Lockly Secure Pro Review

Price and Where to Buy: The Lockly Secure Pro is available on Amazon and Lockly’s website for $299.99.

How The Lockly Secure Pro

  • Usefulness: 10/10. You won’t have to search your luggage for your keys at the end of a long trip anymore; you can open the Lockly Secure Pro using your fingerprint, the app, Alexa, Google Assistant, or the keypad. The keypad is a great feature for when you have guests, as you can issue separate codes and remove access when it’s no longer needed.
  • Style: 9/10. You can choose from a deadbolt or latch style, and pick your finish to match your existing door hardware. The keyhole is hidden under a nice, stylish flap and the keypad is blank until you swipe across it, adding to the sleek look.
  • Security: 10/10. The lock comes with a Wi-Fi-enabled hub that allows you to monitor your door from anywhere. Included wireless sensors will tell you if the door is opened or closed. Lockly can be programmed to auto-lock after any amount of time that you like (up to five minutes). The keypad uses a patented Pin Genie technology that shuffles the numbers each time you use it, so anyone who is watching won’t be able to guess your code.
  • Ease of Installation: 9/10. The Lockly Secure Pro takes about 15 minutes to install, an easy process if you follow the included instruction booklet. No special tools (aside from a screwdriver) are required.

Final Verdict: Secure your home better than keys can with the Lockly Secure Pro.

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