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Live the Game: Angry Birds Theme Park to Open


Addicted to Angry Birds? Put down your phone and get ready to live the game. On April 28, Angry Birds Land, a theme park based on the smartphone game, will open in Tampere, Finland. The park will open within an existing amusement park, Sarkanniemi Adventure Park. The game is returning to its roots, as it was originally designed in Finland.

Expect to see Angry Birds themed rides, amusement park games, and an area mysteriously dubbed “Magic Places,” which will combine outdoor activities and the virtual game. Can’t wait ’til the end of April for your Angry Birds fix? Follow Sarkanniemi Adventure Park’s website and Facebook page for sneak peeks.

The game, a simple app in which users virtually launch birds at pigs, has gained worldwide popularity and been downloaded over 500 million times. It’s now on Facebook, which will help keep all those players addicted.

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Will you be first in line at Angry Birds Land? Tell us why or why not in the comments!


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