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Kuala Kurau Travel Guide


Kuala Kurau Travel Guide

Being one of the smaller and lesser-known mukim in Malaysia, Kuala Kurau is not a typical tourism spot. However, if it ends up on your travel itinerary, there are some things you may need to know.

Traveling To and From Kuala Kurau

Kuala Kurau can be reached either from Parit Buntar, Bagan Serai, Tanjung Piandang or Kuala Gula. The Kuala Gula bridge is part of the coastal link road which connects Tanjung Piandang and Kuala Gula, with Kuala Kurau in the middle. You can also transport your car by ferry, with just enough space for you and one other across the river.

Kuala Kurau Fishing and Seafood

Try and make friends with a local who can take you on their fishing boat for an outing. Alternatively, you can go on slightly longer fishing trips with them for a few days in Indian Ocean. You can also try many different types of Malaysian style seafood, and the Sunday morning markets are very busy with many people selling fresh catches.

Additional Activities in Kuala Kurau

There is a conservation area where you can watch migrating birds during the northern hemisphere’s winter in the estuary. If you hire a sampan or boat, they can take you there. Other than that, you can always try your luck gambling on the fighting fish. After their daily work, fishermen will bring their pets to the fighting field, a big bottle, and bet on the fights. It’s mostly a hobby, but among the people they set strict gambling rules. Some fish on display here are also for sale.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about Kuala Kurau.

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