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Krabi – What to Pack – Clothing and Supplies Tips


Krabi What to Pack

Krabi is a town in Thailand marked by its green forests and beautiful beaches. However, keep in mind a few tips about what to pack before you visit.


Flip flops and sandals are ideal when traveling in Krabi, since you’ll spend most of your time walking on the beach. Some of the higher quality hotels even provide flip flops for their guests as well. However, be cautious when visiting the beach, and don’t wear anything to provocative. A majority of the local population is Muslim and quite conservative. To protect against the sun, don’t forget a sunhat that covers your head along with some sunglasses.

Physical Protection

The sun can grow intense around Krabi. However, when you’re in the water, it feels cool. This makes it hard to tell when you’re being burnt. Wear sunscreen and make sure to reapply it several times over the day. You’ll also want to bring insect repellant, since the mosquitos can get quite intense in this area.

Travel Items

Make sure to have ample amounts of Thai Baht, the local currency. The resorts let you put everything on your room tab, but other establishments, such as retail stores, bars, and restaurants, will only take cash. There are even some places where you can buy your food with a credit card, but need cash for your drinks. Also, don’t lose track of your passport. It’s important to have it in case of emergencies, and particularly when you’re leaving the country.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about what to pack in Krabi.

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