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JetBlue Hikes Second-Bag Fee


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Fee creep alert.

This $5 increase comes courtesy of JetBlue, which has quietly raised its second-checked-bag fee from $30 to $35. The first checked bag is still free, and the cost for checking a third bag (or more) remains at $75 per bag. Check our updated Ultimate Guide to Airline Fees for more details.

Pretty soon, we’re going to have to start calling the airlines’ nickel-and-diming five-and-ten bucking. It’s not as catchy, but it paints a more accurate picture of the industry as of late. So far this year, we’ve seen most airlines adopt six fare hikes, plus there’s been a spate of fuel surcharge increases and last-minute fare spikes.

A rise in fuel prices is the primary driver behind the upwards trend. But it’s hard not to notice a correlation between this now-familiar refrain and airlines announcing large profits built on the backs of these ancillary fees.

That’s the big picture, but to focus back on JetBlue: Do you think this $5 increase on a service that only some will use is better or worse than an across-the-board fare hike? How often do you travel with two or more checked bags?

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