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Hotwire waives airfare booking fee


Hotwire just announced it’s waiving its usual $6 fee for airfare bookings made this summer for flights this summer and beyond. The booking fees have been suspended for both opaque and retail listings (those that show the airline before you buy).

When you consider that Expedia charges $5, Orbitz charges between $5 and $12, and Travelocity charges between $5 and $12.50, you can see how this impacts price. Though it’s not a huge amount, if you’re looking for the cheapest flight, the booking fee can make the difference.

No end date for the promotion has been announced. Instead, Hotwire says that it will “evaluate future plans for airfare booking fees later this summer.”

In the spirit of waiving added fees, do you think we can get the airlines to suspend those fuel surcharges for summer travel? Me neither, but wouldn’t it be nice?

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