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Holiday Inn hotels will have a new look


To remain competitive in today’s hotel marketplace (where everything seems to be getting more luxurious by the day), Intercontinental Hotels Group, which owns the Holiday Inn chain, has announced a $1 billion facelift of the 3,000 Holiday Inn properties worldwide.

Moving away from the roadside motel feel, the company is seeking to reclaim a top spot among mid-range accommodations with updated welcome/check-in areas, guest rooms with triple-sheeted bedding and two pillow options (soft or firm), and sleek new bathrooms with improved shower heads and curved curtain rods. The brand is also adopting a new logo: a white uppercase H over a green background.

The renovations will be implemented over a three-year period, with local operators expected to contribute $150,000 toward the new improvements. Look for the new logo to determine if a property has been upgraded. If you see the old logo, chances are that hotel is still in transition.

For more information on the upcoming changes, visit the Holiday Inn website.

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