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Green accommodations in North America

SmarterTravel has a new list of green B&Bs to choose from. Just how eco-friendly these places are varies by property, but if you’re interested in staying at places that try to minimize their environmental impact, it’s worth a look. Some of the B&Bs are located within walking distance of attractions (reducing the need to drive), while others use solar energy, air-dry sheets and towels, or find another way to be green.

Taking eco-friendly travel to the next level is King Pacific Lodge near Vancouver, which claims to be the first hotel to give guests the chance to have a carbon-neutral vacation. It offsets guests’ travel, and is working towards using solar and river-hydro power. The lodge is a floating luxury hotel that is towed to its location for the warm season. Eco it may be, but cheap it’s not: Prices (which include air transportation from Vancouver to the lodge, all meals, all drinks, and activities) start at $3,800 per person for three nights.

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