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Getting Around Okinawa – Car, Train, Bus & Taxi


Okinawa Transportation

There are many ways to get around in Okinawa, including ferries, buses, and a monorail. Here are the best options for Okinawa transportation.

Ferries, Buses, and Monorail

You have several options for getting around Okinawa. Many travelers find ferries, buses, and the local monorail the most useful forms of transportation. Cars are generally not recommended as they can be expensive and traffic tends to be very heavy in Okinowa.

Getting around the Islands

Those who are planing to travel around the islands of Okinawa should consider using the region’s many ferries. Ferries make it easy to get from one island to the next. The primary point of departure for islands is Tomari Point. Ferries leave here frequently, allowing travelers to go from one island to the next easily. Be aware that you will need to buy a ticket in advance. The port is small, making it easy to find the ferry once you arrive.

Monorail and Buses

Two other popular ways to get around are buses and the monorails. Buses are recommended for shorter rides as they can be cheap. You can rest and relax as you look out the window and get a great look at the local attractions. Be aware that many buses are not labeled in English, so you will need to understand the route you want to use before you go. Another transport is the monorail. The monorail is modern and quick. It departs from the Naha airport and connects to several locations throughout the area.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about Okinawa transportation.

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