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General Warning Info in Mexico City

General Warning Info in Mexico City and other Warnings and Dangers


General Warning Info

Mexico City is a wonderful place to visit, but be aware of warnings that will help keep you out of danger.

Be Wary of Kidnapping

Mexico City has one of the highest rate of kidnapping amongst foreign nationals, and the kidnappers are almost always targeting people for money. Americans, specifically rich Americans, are sometimes specifically targeted. No matter where you are traveling, your best bet is to always keep a low profile. Blend in as much as possible with the locals, and don’t flash cash or substantial amounts of jewelry. Travel in groups and avoid staying out too late.

Choose Your Taxi Carefully

When in Mexico City, choose a certified taxi, which is gold in color. Avoid non-certified taxis, which are green colored. Also, make sure to ask if your driver is a member of a “sitio,” or taxi company. At your hotel, ask for a taxi company number and don’t forget to buy a telephone card as coin tels are not very common anymore.

Be Cautious with the Police

If you are stopped by the police office for an infraction, ask what the infraction is and explain that you are a tourist. Also, ask them if you are under arrest or if this is just a warning. If you are under arrest, explain that you are a tourist and explain what country you are from. In most cases, if the infraction is real, you will be taken in a police car to a special station of the Judicial Police/Tourist Police, where they can explain the infraction is and what the fine is.

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