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Frontier Offers Double Base and Elite Miles


Between November 2 and December 31, members of Frontier’s EarlyReturns program can earn double base miles and double elite-qualifying miles for all Frontier flights.

Registration is required.

Deal or No Deal

Double miles for all flights are nice. Double elite-qualifying miles are even nicer.

But these aren’t just any miles; they are miles in the program of Frontier. An ultra-low-cost carrier, like Spirit. An airline with a bare-bones loyalty program, with a minimum of options for earning and redeeming miles. A program in which miles expire after just six months with no account activity.

Elite status in the EarlyReturns program is awarded after earning 20,000 elite miles or 25 segments in a year.

As elite perks go, Frontier’s are decidedly modest: priority check-in and boarding, advanced seat assignment, space-available upgrade to Stretch seating, free carry-on bag, no-fee award booking by phone, no-fee award redemptions. That’s right: Some of what are considered elite perks on Frontier would be standard with full-service carriers.

If you’re already a Frontier loyalist, this promotion will be a nice windfall. But for those who might be on the fence, facing a choice between Frontier and a full-service airline, the extra miles shouldn’t distract travelers from the fact that it’s an apples-to-oranges comparison.

In the end, bonuses are only as attractive as the companies that offer them.

Reader Reality Check

Is Frontier’s offer a difference-maker for you?

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