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France Air Traffic Control Goes on Strike


What’s in the water in Europe? First Lufthansa pilots go on strike (briefly), then British Airways’ cabin crew union voted to strike again, and now air traffic control workers in France have walked off the job.

The Associated Press reports that the strike is scheduled to last four days, and is a response to “plans to integrate European air traffic control, which workers fear will lead to losses of jobs and civil servant benefits.” The unions involved are trying to “pressure President Nicolas Sarkozy’s governing conservatives before next month’s regional elections.”

As for the practical implications, airports in Paris have already made adjustments to their schedules. Flights into and out of Orly were cut by half, and service at Charles de Gaulle was cut by a quarter.

Travelers flying into or through Paris, or to other destinations within France, should check with their airline to see if their flight has been affected. At press, none of the major U.S. carriers had posted contingencies for travel to or from Paris.

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