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Five Travel Phobias (and How to Overcome Them)

Five Travel Phobias
Fear of Animals (Photo: greg westfall via flickr/CC Attribution)

If you’ve ever been anxious while traveling, you’re not alone. Approximately 19 million Americans suffer from some kind of phobia—and many more are generally uneasy about certain elements of travel, from airplanes to teeming crowds. Fundamentally, travel requires us to leave home and bravely face the unknown, so there’s perhaps no better time to confront your anxieties than while abroad. Ready to conquer your fears? Learn about five common travel phobias, and get practical advice on overcoming each.

(If you have any kind of debilitating phobia, we recommend that you speak with a doctor or a licensed therapist. For more information about anxiety disorders, see the National Institute of Mental Health website.)

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