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Edinburgh – What to Pack – Clothing and Supplies Tips


Edinburgh What to Pack

Built on seven hills, Edinburgh’s scenic views beg to be photographed. Pack clothing and supplies for the wet, windy, unpredictable weather and be prepared to walk!

Wet With a Chance of Windy

As they say in Edinburgh, “If you don’t like the weather wait five minutes.”  A day may start out sunny but plan for rain at some point in the afternoon. Bring an umbrella and a waterproof jacket, as high winds might render the umbrella useless at times. If traveling between October and April, the cold wind should not be underestimated. Bring a warm coat to wear over your jacket, and remember, if you need get warmed up quick, a pub is never too far away.

Lots of Hills

In order to take in all Edinburgh has to see, get ready to climb the hills. You will need a pair of good walking shoes. Pack light enough that you can carry your bag. Most of the Old Town is cobblestones and wheeled suitcases won’t roll well and there are a lot of steps. You can also pick up a free map at the Tourist Information Center.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about what to pack for Edinburgh.

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