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Warnings and Dangers in Birmingham: Dodgy Areas

Dodgy Areas in Birmingham and Other Warnings and Dangers


Warnings and Dangers in Birmingham: Dodgy Areas

Located in England’s West Midlands area, Birmingham is a diverse city with trendy cafes, bustling bars, and a variety of interesting tourist attractions. Nevertheless, it is important to remain vigilant when visiting Birmingham due to certain dodgy areas scattered throughout the city itself.

Dodgy Areas in Birmingham with High Crime Rates

Many areas in and around Birmingham that are considered risky or dodgy are often found north of the main city of Birmingham. While much of Birmingham is known for widespread drug use, the city is fairly safe during daylight and traditional business hours.

Muggings in Birmingham are most common in the Sparkbrook and Lady Wood areas. Muggings do not occur in just one area of Birmingham and often happen after dark, even in the most populated areas of the city. Additional locations throughout the city of Birmingham that should be visited with caution include Shard End, KingstandingHighgateBalsall Heath, Aston, Chelmsey Wood, Northfield, Wandsworth, and Newton. These areas are have a higher crime rate, including theft and muggings. These areas have also experienced a spike in the number of violent crimes, attacks, and murders.

Handsworth and Aston are known to be rougher at nighttime. Violent gang crimes are notable in these areas, making them some of the more risky choices to visit when in Birmingham.

Ward End, Washwood Heath, and Boardsly Green are also known for drug crimes, prostitution, and theft along with muggings. The area just to the north of the University of Birmingham can get pretty rough as well.

Staying Safe from Danger and Dodgy Areas in Birmingham

Before making travel plans, understand the potential crime risks in Birmingham. Avoid traveling alone at night, and always keep your valuables and money out of view to avoid becoming a mugging target.

Avoid carrying too much money in desolate areas after dark, and stay away from dark and deserted areas. Keep a polite and positive demeanor to avoid potential trouble with criminals or rowdy individuals. If you are visiting a dodgy area in Birmingham, do so during daylight and in a group if possible.

In Aston, Handsworth, and Lozells, some cab drivers have been known to avoid dropping off patrons in specific locations due to the threat of muggings, carjackings, and potential violent attacks, so it is best to speak to your cab driver prior to asking for a ride to one of those destinations. When calling a cab from a sketchy area, inform the cab driver where you are located to confirm you will receive a pick-up.

Lozell’s Road

Lozell’s Road is another dodgy location that should be completely avoided. The crime in the area is so rampant many taxi drivers won’t take you and drop you off. Instead, stick to areas like Pype Hayes Park, Moseley and Harborne.

Gang Activity

Gang activity is prominent in areas like Lozells, Aston, West Brom and Handsworth. For this reasons tourist and day shoppers are rarely found that far into the city. This area is known by locals as the mugging hotspot. Thieves are known to wait for young and affluent college kids here. Cameras are scarce, so if you fall victim of a crime there is little proof it happened other than your word. Also, if you are in the area, avoid stopping by an ATM because there are many thieves who wait for an opportunity to hold up someone with cash in their pocket.

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