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Delta Expands Porsche Transfers to More Airports


Delta is one a several airlines offering gate-to-gate airport transfers in luxury automobiles to its so-called high-value customers. In Delta’s case, the transfers are in cars provided by Porsche, with whom the airline has a special relationship.

Delta reports that more than 35,000 travelers used the service over the past year, at Atlanta, Los Angeles, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and New York-JFK airports. And the customer feedback must be positive, because the airline announced this week that it will be expanded to include three additional airports.

By month’s end, lucky travelers making connections at New York LaGuardia, Seattle-Tacoma, and Detroit Metropolitan airports may find themselves bundled into a Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid and chauffeured across the tarmac to their next gate.

The service cannot be pre-reserved; it “is provided to Diamond Medallion customers based on a number of factors including the day’s flight operations, connections times between flights for customers and a member’s status.” In other words, not all Diamond members will get the special treatment, and even Delta’s highest-value Diamond members won’t get it every time.

So, a compelling reason to strive for Diamond elite status with Delta, which will requires a minimum of $12,500 in elite-qualifying spend? Given the service’s provisional nature, probably not. But a nice perk for the lucky few, nevertheless.

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