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Daily Daydream: The World’s Smallest Recognized Independent State


Even if you’re not Catholic, Vatican City is definitely worth a visit if you’re in Italy. Located within Rome, the Vatican is actually an independent city-state. Here, you’ll find the world-famous Sistine Chapel, home to Michelangelo’s amazing art.

If you time your visit right, you can see the pope giving blessings in St. Peter’s Square. If you want to see his public addresses, you’ll need to get a free ticket. Lines for this, and the museums, can be long, especially in the summer.

Give yourself an entire day to work through the Vatican, and you still won’t have seen it all. There’s a wealth of Christian and secular art here, as well as gorgeous architecture.

Where is it? Enter the Vatican through St. Peter’s Square. Fly to Rome’s Leonardo Da Vinci International (check prices).

Where to Stay? At the Vatican View, an accurately named hotel!

What Else Should I Know? Save time by buying tickets to the Vatican Museums online, as the lines can get really long.

Who’s it For? The devoted, historians, art-lovers.

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