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Daily Daydream: Stone Forest of Madagascar


“Awesome” and “otherworldly” are so ubiquitous these days that their power has been diminished through overuse. There are simply no better words to describe the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Reserve, however. More commonly known as the Stone Forest of Madagascar, these skyscraping limestone towers inspire all kinds of worthy superlatives.

Lemurs, wild birds, bizarre-looking reptiles, and other flora and fauna exclusive to these vast lands live in the remote setting, much of which remains unexplored by scientists or tourists due to the reserve’s jagged-edged spires.

Where Is it? Near the western coast of Madagascar. The closest international airport is in the island nation’s capital, Antananarivo (check prices). The nearest fully stocked city, Morondava, is 10 hours away. 

Where to Stay? Favorably rated by TripAdvisor reviewers, stay at beachside Morondava’s Chez Maggie Hotel.

What Else Should I Know? While in nearby Morondava, visit the Avenue of the Baobabs, an unpaved road lined by majestic baobab trees.

Who’s it For? Determined nature-revelers, bird-enthusiasts, mountain and rock climbers, scientists, and anyone else who enjoys being awed by Mother Nature.

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