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Daily Daydream: Europe’s Most Surprising Lake


Here’s a destination you’ll want to visit at least twice—since you can swim there during one season and hike it in another. Austria’s Gruner See (Green Lake) offers one of the world’s most unique diving experiences. During the winter, Gruner See is a dry park with a shallow lake that attracts numerous hikers. Come spring and summer, the ice and snow on the nearby mountains melt and fill the park with clear water—enough for people to swim in. (Levels can reach around 30 feet.)

Seeing divers and fish swim over hiking trails, under bridges, and around benches is truly surreal!

Where is it? Styria, Austria. The closest airport is Graz (domestic and European flights) (check prices) or for flights from America fly to Vienna (check prices) and connect or drive.

Where to Stay? In a converted 12th century medieval castle, Hotel Schloss Thannegg.

What Else Should I Know? The best diving is usually in June, when the waters are generally the deepest.

Who’s it For? Divers or hikers.

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(Photo: Shutterstock/Deep Green)

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