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Checking a second bag? That’ll be $10, please


At the same time the DOT was busy announcing plans to raise the airlines’ liability limit on lost baggage, at least one airline has decided to turn around and pass that cost on to you.

The culprit? Spirit Airlines, which announced it plans to start charging flyers $10 for checking a second bag. That, according to a report from the Detroit Free Press, makes Spirit’s policy “the strictest among U.S. airlines.”

Most major carriers allow two free checked bags, although it’s anyone’s guess how long that “perk” will last in today’s environment of deteriorating airline service.

Spirit spokesperson Rebecca Rivera calls the $10 charge “a great way to keep our fares low,” which is of course disingenous at best and a flat-out lie at worst. I mean, come on. This is a price increase. Am I to understand that this price increase is meant to keep fares low?

Sorry, my head is too busy spinning at the logic of that one.

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