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Candolim Beach, Goa – Insider Tips


Things to Do in Goa: Candolim Beach

When visiting North Goa, Candolim Beach is a popular place to stay because it is clean and quiet. The beach is a short walk to many shops and restaurants.

Lazing on the Beach in Goa

Candolim beach is 30 kilometers long and is very wide with soft sand. It is the second largest of all beaches in Goa. There are sunbeds for rent and plenty of water activities. Close by are many restaurants. On the beach there are vendors that sell various items, and they tend to be very persistent. They continue hawking their wares until the tourist buys something. There is food, drinks and clothing for purchase and massages are available.

Candolim Beach Road

After a day of sun and fun on the beach, tourists enjoy hitting the center of town a little. In Candolim, the beach road is the center. That’s where the best restaurants and bars can be found, with no traffic to worry about.

Dudshagar Water Falls

Two hours away from Candolim Beach are the Dudshagar Water Falls. There are many monkeys at the falls, who are half-way tame. Although there are signs saying to not feed the monkeys, there are also vendors selling food to give them. By walking a short distance, it’s possible to arrive at a pool that has cool water and a waterfall. It’s highly recommended to swim in the pool and then take a shower under the flowing water.

The Night Market

The main market at night is the Ingos Market, which has thousands of stalls selling this and that. There’s also a food court with many international dishes for sale.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about things to do at Candolim Beach – Goa.

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