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Canadian Carrier Zoom Ceases Operations


Low-cost Canadian carrier Zoom, which flew between Canada and Europe, has abruptly stopped flying and plans to enter bankruptcy. Reuters reports the airline was trying to avoid bankrupcy, but was finally denied the financial assistance necessary to stay in business. Zoom is encouraging ticketed travelers, some of whom were stranded at the airport awaiting their flight, to contact their credit card providers for a refund.

Zoom’s situation harkens back to that of Aloha Airlines, which folded suddenly earlier this year, and serves as a reminder that not all bankruptcies are created equal. Some airlines are able to continue operations during bankruptcy proceedings, while others are forced to shut their doors entirely, often without any warning.

For travelers, it’s important to keep an ear out for news concerning your carrier of choice, and to always book with a credit card. When airlines close down entirely, as Zoom has done, your credit card company is often your only hope for any kind of refund.

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