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Brazilian Beaches – Last Few Years


Author: hkreizinger
Date of Trip: January 2007

I would like to suggest a few beach places in Brazil to go to. First, a must is Rio de Janeiro. I was told by my guide on my first trip when you go to Rio for the first time, stay in Copacabana. The beach there is lovely, the area a little older. He then said on your second trip you stay in Ipanema, which I did last year. This year I went back to Copacabana because the hotel I stay in (Rio Internacional), I get a junior suite right on the beach and the room has a balcony.

I have also gone up to Salvador where the beaches are even better! You have to take a cab to get to the better beaches, but it is well worth it.

I then spent some time on an island called Morro Sao Paulo and it is a paradise. They allow hardly any vehicles on this island, and they are used to take children to school or take people from the little airport to a certain point. Then young men with wheelbarrows take your luggage to your pousada (hotel). It is a magical place.

I’m planning on Buzios, which I understand is touristy, but I want to visit most beaches in Brazil before I die!!!

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