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Best airport transfer options in Vegas


Unlike most things in Vegas, saving money on transportation from the airport to your hotel doesn’t have to be a game of chance. Follow the ground transportation signs to the automatic doors and you’ll find, side-by-side, a taxi stand and ticket booths for shuttles. At first glance, they look similar: Both have long lines of visitors impatient to get to their hotels. But which offers a better value?

If you’re basing value on cost alone, you can compare pretty easily using the airport shuttle information website—which lists airport-to-hotel shuttle costs for different areas of Las Vegas—and the Nevada Taxi Cab Authority’s list of estimated airport-to-hotel fares.

Most shuttles charge about $6 each way between the airport and hotels on the Strip. Taxi fares depend on distance and traffic, but fare estimates range between $10.50 and $14. Factoring in a 15 percent tip and an extra dollar for lifting and retrieving your bags puts the cost of a shuttle to any hotel on Strip at about $8, and the taxi fare between $13 and $17. If you’re trying to get to a downtown Las Vegas hotel, expect to pay a little more. Shuttles cost around $8 each way, while taxi service will put you back about $20.

A good rule of thumb is that if you’re traveling alone, the shuttle will save you at least $5. However, if you’re traveling with a companion, the difference is probably negligible, and if you’re riding with three or more people, the taxi will almost always be a better value.

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