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Beggars and Cons in Rome and Other Warnings and Dangers


Warnings and Dangers in Rome Beggars and Cons

Rome is a beautiful place packed with history and delicious food and drinks. However, when visiting Rome, you may encounter beggars and cons that should be avoided and rejected at all costs with a bit of knowledge regarding scams and their tricks.

Beggars and the Homeless

You may come across beggars and homeless individuals who are asking for money or even to use your cell phone. One of the biggest scams growing in Europe including Rome is others stealing cell phones from victims who are simply trying to lend a hand. If you believe an individual is truly homeless, purchasing goods such as clothing and goods is the best way to go.

Keep Valuables Stored Properly

Anywhere you are in Rome, it is essential to keep valuables stored and put away safely (preferably in your hotel room or where you are staying). Keep money out of view and avoid putting cash in your back pocket as this is one of the best locations for a pickpocket to steal from you.

Avoid Long Straps on Purses and Easy Access Bags in Rome

Avoid carrying bags that are easy to open or potentially draw attention to you while you are walking to your destination. Do not carry bags or purses with long straps to avoid theft. One of the easiest way a scammer or thief can get away with stealing is by grabbing a bag that is out in the open, has a long strap, or has been set down. Be sure to keep an eye on your purses, bags, and wallets wherever you are . Many men place their wallets in their front pockets or even in the pocket available on their shirts (if they have one), to keep a better idea of where their valuables are without the worry of being pick-pocketed.

Scamming Tourists

Hitchhikers in Rome are also prevalent but do not always have the best intentions in mind. In some cases, scammers get rides from tourists and offer them various items to buy. If the driver refuses to purchase these items, the scammer then leaves the vehicle with his gifts and moves on to another gullible tourist, pretending he, too, needs a ride.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about warnings or dangers in Rome involving beggars and cons.

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