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Be prepared before collecting on travel insurance


If you’ve been thwarted by a travel insurance provider in the past, you’re not alone. Sometimes, collecting on a claim can be as much of a hassle as the actual incident (illness, accident, etc.) itself.

To make sure you won’t have an unpleasant surprise, follow these steps:

  • Be a smart consumer. If you’re considering travel insurance, read the policy thoroughly (including all the fine print) before you buy.
  • Compare offers between providers. If you have questions about what’s covered, call a company representative and find out.
  • Ensure your chosen provider is reputable. Check its rating with the Better Business Bureau. Look at the company’s professional memberships (e.g. Travel Industry Association, US Travel Insurance Association, etc.).
  • If you think you’ll need to make a claim, be sure to document each step of the way, including receipts, names of clerks you worked with, doctor’s records, etc. Be meticulous with your record keeping.
  • Don’t try to request compensation for items you know aren’t covered under your policy. This will only lead to increased frustration and potentially weaken your claim.
  • See if your credit card or tour company offers any ancillary coverage. Sometimes you’ll get an extra layer of protection from these providers.
  • As a last resort, consider [% 1624770 | | small claims court %]. While not an ideal situation by any means, sometimes the threat of a lawsuit may help your case.

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