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Warnings and Dangers in Athens

Areas to Avoid in Athens and Other Dangers and Warnings


Warnings and Dangers in Athens: Areas to Avoid

Famous for its art and architecture, Athens is a modern city with a rich ancient culture. It’s also rife with dangers and certain areas to avoid. Here’s what to know about staying safe in Athens.

Pickpockets and Theft on Transportation

Like many tourist destinations, Athens has its fair share of petty crime. Packed buses create easy opportunities for pickpockets and thieves. To avoid being robbed, keep your money hidden and away from anywhere a hand can slip into, such as a purse or back pocket. Taxis are not much more expensive than the subway and are a better alternative to getting around if walking is not an option.

Bad Neighborhoods to Avoid in Athens

Staying within the touristy areas and with a group will help you avoid robbery. Bad neighborhoods to avoid in Athens include Omonoia, north of Omonoia, and northwest of the city. There you will find many pickpockets and beggars.

Robbery and violent crime are on the rise in Athens, too. If you’re staying in or around Omonoia, keep to your hotel at night if possible or go out to other areas of the city. If you will be walking late at night, keep your important documents and money in your belt and leave the rest at the hotel in a safe. Say no to beggars and anyone looking for charity. You never know if it’s a scam.

The Acropolis Area and Violent Robbery

Thieves watch for unsuspecting tourists in the area of the Acropolis and will follow you down to the streets until they are able to get you alone. Many will use violence or the threat of violence to take your valuables. Don’t walk alone at night, especially in the Omonoia area. If you are in this area, leave before 11:00 p.m.

Don’t Act Like a Tourist

Most importantly while traveling in Athens, stay alert. If you look like a tourist or appear confused or distracted (such as fumbling with your bags or wallets) you may become an easy target for pickpockets.

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Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about areas to avoid and other warnings and dangers in Athens.

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