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American Asking Passengers for Additional Data


A few weeks ago, we detailed a new security measure being phased in by the Department of Homeland Security that will require airline passengers to submit their full name (including middle name), birth date, and gender when booking a ticket. The idea behind the questioning is that this extra information will cut down on cases of mistaken identity.

The new measure, called Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD), is currently being phased in; full implementation is expected by the end of March.

American is leading the pack, and is already asking passengers for the additional information as part of the ticketing and check-in process. Tulsa World reports that Southwest will follow and begin asking for the extra data starting next month. So if you’ve selectively forgotten your date of birth, now might be a good time to remember it.

When we first covered the new measure, your comments were pretty evenly divided between thinking it was no big deal and worrying about how this additional information would be protected by the airlines. Has your opinion changed? Want to weigh in now that the plan is becoming a reality? Leave a comment below!

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