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AmeriBag Great Outdoors Tech Bag Review: An Ergonomic Man Bag for Travel

Ameribag Great Outdoors Tech Bag

Price and Where to Buy: The Healthy Back Bag by AmeriBag Tech Bag is $85 on

Note: To review this unisex bag that, unlike most other AmeriBags, is geared more to men, I enlisted the help of two brothers-in-law, who each tested the bag for a week and gave their perspective as men who generally opt for messenger bags or backpacks for work and play.  

How the AmeriBag Great Outdoors Tech Bag Rates:

  • Usefulness: 8/10. With its weather-resistant exterior, ergonomic shape, separate wet-gear section, and multi-pocketed interior, the unisex Healthy Back Bag Tech Bag is “more comfortable than the typical messenger bag and its symmetry allows you to use either shoulder to bear the weight. I would not hesitate to walk a long distance with this bag;” “I found it less likely to awkwardly fall off my back as I bent over—an everyday occurrence with my messenger bag;” “I could fit a remarkable amount of stuff inside the bag.” On the downside, “the bag has a lot of deep pockets where small items can lurk, and I sometimes mindlessly placed items in the bag only to have to empty out all the contents when I went to retrieve something.”
  • Durability: 9/10. “The dense weave of the fabric and zippers with a seal seemed to really hold up;” “When I wore the bag it felt secure and strong.”
  • Cool Factor: 6.5/10. “I don’t think Steve McQueen would have used one;” “the finish of the bag was too shiny for my taste, but the form-fitting shape felt athletic;” “For vacation travel or more casual occasions, it would be great.”

Final Verdict: This super ergonomic vacation-ready bag geared to men offers comfort and durability, but the multitude of pockets and shiny, patterned fabric may dissuade messenger-bag die-hards from embracing the strengths of this man bag.

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