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Allegiant Drops Hawaii Routes


Allegiant will drop flights to Honolulu from all but two mainland cities, according to a post by Brett Snyder, the Cranky Flier. Flights will keep operating from Bellingham and Las Vegas, but the airline drops flights from Boise, Eugene, Fresno, Phoenix, Santa Maria, Spokane, and Stockton, starting this August.

If you keep track of Allegiant’s operations, however, you can figure that these cancellations may not be permanent. Allegiant aligns its flights closely with leisure-travel markets, and Hawaiian leisure travel is always fairly slow during most of the fourth quarter.

The test will come when demands pick up again. The Christmas-through-New Year’s holiday season is the busiest travel time of the year in Hawaii, so Allegiant may resume more flights then. And beyond that, you may see resumption of service for next year’s spring break and almost certainly next summer.

So don’t say a permanent “Aloha” to those routes yet.

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