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A Mrs. in Manhattan


Author: Lilyan Wolberg
Date of Trip: August 2007

I had booked a 2 night stay at a hotel in Manhattan and several days prior to my trip, I decided I wanted to get into New York City earlier. I was not able to book the same hotel at the same price so I located another one close by. I booked a 2 night stay at the Carter Hotel on 43rd Street. It was a perfect location for me so I felt pretty good about being able to get the reservation.

When I arrived at the Carter, I noticed that there were 5 or six steps to get into the lobby…no elevator or ramp for me with a walker. There also was no bellhop or any person to assist with the luggage. I managed the steps with the help of a friend and proceeded to the desk. I checked in and was asked to pay one dollar for a key to my room. I had never had this request at any hotel I ever stayed at. OK…I paid the dollar and was given the key to my room. I went up (thank goodness there was an elevator in the lobby since I was on the 19th floor!!) and found my room…… The room was small…this I could live with but the curtains on the windows were sheets…the bathroom was so small you couldn’t open the door all the way because it would hit the “john.”..I thought I would manage so I didn’t complain.

When I found there was no lamp in the room, only an overhead ceiling fixture, I decided to call for room service. I dialed the number and it rang…and rang…and rang…and no one picked up the phone. As I went down to the desk I met a young man who was furious because he also could not reach anyone on the phone. At the desk I asked for help in getting a lamp…also a chair since there was none in the room…and help in getting the air conditioning started. The TV in the room played only 3 or 4 channels clearly…the rest were blurred or not clear enough to view…. and for the 2 day stay in that hotel, my linen and towels were never changed!!!

I would advise anyone who plans on staying at the Carter Hotel to think twice before booking. My next stop was 3 streets away…same location..West 46th Street between B’way and 8th Ave. at the Paramount Hotel, which was a palace by comparison. It really was a very nice hotel, with a staff that was courteous, helpful and very pleasant. The room was what a hotel room should be like. This hotel I would highly recommend. Happy traveling….

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