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8 Essential Items for Monsoon-Season Travel


Low season means getting uninterrupted one-on-one time with the best parts of a destination, but it’s likely to be less crowded for a reason. Off-peak months in Asia usually coincide with the wet season—or as it’s known in dreamy destinations like India, Thailand, and Sri Lanka, monsoon season.

A collision of heat and moisture, monsoon means intense heat, periods of rain, and plenty of humidity—an unpleasant trifecta when it comes to packing. I recently ventured to Sri Lanka during the rains for an adventure tour with Intrepid Travel, and learned the hard way how travelers should prepare.

Here’s what I was glad to have with me, and what I should have brought.

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Associate Editor Shannon McMahon traveled to Sri Lanka on a Real Food Adventure courtesy of Intrepid Travel. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter for more insight and adventures.

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