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6 Months Living in Bulgaria


Author: silfanny
Date of Trip: February 2003

I worked in Sofia for six months. I spent six months travelling to many places in the country.

Highlights: Hike in Mount Vitosha, climb the Rila mountain, go to Rila Monastery, skiing in Borovets, go to Melnik and drink local wine, see the Local Festival in Koprivtitsa, visit Veliko Turnovo, swim at beaches in Varna and Vourgas, walk in Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd Sofia.

Quick Tips/Suggestions: Always bring hand-wash and some napkin with you. Watch out for your wallet all the time as there are many gypsies waiting for opportunity to snatch it. Learn some basic Bulgarian words before leaving. Taxi drivers tend to charge higher fees to foreigners.

Best Way to Get Around: Walking, bus, MRT.

Koprivtitsa Folklore Festival: It is a one day festival, held in an open field. Everyone is dressing up in their traditional costumes. It’s definitely worth seeing. You get there by train from Sofia and then take a bus. Put on your walking sandals because the only way to see the city is to walk.

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