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New York City – What to Pack – Clothing and Supplies Tips

New York City What to Pack

Deciding what to pack for a trip to New York City involves some time and forethought. Largely dependent on the time of year and your itinerary, the clothes and accessories you pack should include some very necessary basics to see you through your time in the city in practical style.

Practical Shoes and Accessories Are Key

You’re nothing in New York City without a comfortable pair of shoes. Visitors who have traipsed through the crowded sidewalks in anything but footwear designed for walking know all too well how painful it can be. Look for shoes that feature thick, sturdy soles and padded footbeds—both can help make it easier to stride around town without stopping for a break. A practical crossbody bag makes a great alternative to a basic purse, and also makes it that much easier to navigate busy sidewalks without having to hang on to a bag for dear life. Frequent travelers suggest bags with multiple compartments and zippers to keep everything in its rightful place. Wheeled luggage is also highly recommended, as navigating those crowded pathways can be difficult with a large duffel bouncing off one hip.

Pack for the Season

When do you plan to travel to New York City? If you’re headed to the Big Apple in the winter, it’s imperative that you have a hat, pair of gloves, and scarf inside your bag. Whether or not there’s snow, there’s usually plenty of wind—and that alone can bring the temperature down several degrees. Layers are key during spring and fall, when city temperatures tend to fluctuate. You might even find yourself caught in a wind tunnel in one neighborhood and soaked in sunshine in another. A lightweight cardigan or an airy jacket over a long-sleeve top will keep you comfortable, and you can easily shed those layers when it warms up. Summer in New York City is not just hot—it’s downright humid. The combination equates to thick, sticky air, and it’s best to handle this weather in loose, breathable clothes, like tank tops, shorts, and sundresses.

When in New York City…

You might be a tourist, but you don’t have to dress like one. Frequent travelers suggest skipping the fanny packs and logo T-shirts in favor of less ostentatious attire and accessories. Keep your camera on your person at all times, and resist the urge to wear it around your neck unless it’s the only option. Though fashion rules fall by the wayside in Manhattan, black is certainly the color du jour, and it’s highly recommended for those who want to blend in and look like genuine New Yorkers.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about what to pack in New York City.

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