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Product Review: Max Mirani MOVE Mobile Closet

What Is it: Max Mirani Move Mobile Closet, a carry-on suitcase.

Price and Where to Buy: $379.00 on Amazon and


  • The suitcase unfolds and can be hung (fully packed) in a closet, so you don’t have to spend your vacation unpacking or digging through your bag trying to find what you need.
  • Dedicated pockets (with handy graphics indicating what’s inside) for clothing, swimsuits, shoes, accessories, and more.
  • Features a garment section with a loop to hang suits or dresses.
  • Zip-off toiletry bag that you can take to the bathroom.
  • The entire wardrobe system zips-out and converts to a personal item-sized shoulder tote, leaving room inside the suitcase for impulse buys .
  • Four 360 degree swivel wheels and a sturdy telescopic handle make the MOVE bag very easy to maneuver.
  • Hard-sided shell made from pure Polycarbonate resins.
  • Waterproof exterior zipper.


  • The MOVE mobile closet is really heavy for a carry-on: it weighs in at 8.3lbs .
  • The price is equally heavy at $379.
  • This suitcase is designed to be hung in a closet (using the built-in hanger), but we would be afraid that some rods would snap under the weight of the MOVE when full.
  • How it Rates:

    • Usefulness: 10/10. The MOVE mobile closet is the perfect size for carry-on luggage (21 x 14.5 x 9″.) We love the separate pockets that keep everything mega-organized, plus the ability to hang it up and live out of it without unpacking.
    • Portability: 7/10. It’s definitely easy to roll this suitcase around (thanks to the smooth wheels and handle) but it is really heavy.
    • Value: 5/10. Since the garment portion of this bag zips out, this is technically two bags in one. However, $379 is really pricey for a carry-on suitcase.
    • Durability: 10/10. The price tag is reflected in the quality of the materials of the MOVE mobile closet. Everything from the exterior shell to the zippers to the handle are really well-made and durable. Plus, there’s a lifetime guarantee should anything happen to break down.
    • Cool Factor: 10/10. You’ll be the most organized person in your hotel room—any traveling companions will look at you with envy as you have everything you need hung up in a second, while they dig through a messy suitcase trying to find things.


    Final Verdict: If luggage weight and price is not a concern for you, the Max Mobile MOVE is a really unique carry-on suitcase that will make traveling a breeze.

    Editor’s Note: Reviews are based on usefulness, portability, durability, value, and “cool factor.” Some review products are sent to us free of charge and with no incentive to offer a favorable review. We offer our unbiased opinions, positive and negative, and will never accept compensation to review a product. If you have any questions or comments concerning our reviews, or would like to suggest a product for review, please email us at

    (Photo: MAX Mirani)

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