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8 Secrets of Ultralight Packing

It’s time to put your suitcase on a diet. Packing light—really light—doesn’t mean sacrificing style or comfort, but it does require rethinking such travel basics as suitcases and shoes. An ounce here, a half pound there—when you’re packing for a trip, these small increments can add up fast.

Do the math and it’s easy to see why this matters: If your checked bag is too big or heavy, you’ll incur bag fees on most airlines. If you are carrying on a suitcase, weight matters even more since you’ll be lifting your bag dozens of times while in transit (in and out of the car, onto the security belt, into the overhead bin, and so on). Spare yourself the extra cost, sore muscles, and baggage rage: These eight tips will help you ace ultralight packing next time you take to the skies.

The Secrets to Ultralight Packing

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