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Top Five Bargain Destinations for Fall 2011

(Photo: Thinkstock/Medioimages/Photodisc)

The leaves aren’t the only things dropping this time of year. In a bid to stay busy during the lull between summer vacation and the holidays, many destinations and travel providers are willing to cut travelers a break. And that translates to deep discounts on air-and-hotel packages, hotel stays, and plenty of free and cheap activities when you arrive. In a sea of options competing for fewer fall travelers, these five destinations really shine.

I’ve monitored trends, industry news, and sale patterns to point you in the direction of places that offer the best bargains for the coming season. Below you’ll find examples of deals presently available for fall trips. Like all deals, these are sure to expire; however, a little research on your part can yield similar results when you’re ready to book.

Top Fares From