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Travelocity Provides Live Airport Updates

Travelocity will send live spotters to several major airports tomorrow, so passengers can receive live updates on delays, lines, and even the parking situation. Travelers can access the information via Travelocity’s blog, or through the following city-specific Twitter accounts:

  • flyfromchicago   
  • flyfromdallas   
  • flyfromla   
  • fyfromnewyork   
  • flyfromvegas   
  • flyfromdenver   
  • flyfromsf   
  • flyfromphoenix   
  • flyfromdc   
  • flyfromtampa   
  • fly_from_ATL   
  • flyfromboston

You can also get updates from the Travelocity blogs Twitter feed, @windowseatblog.

Airport monitoring will take place from 6:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m tomorrow and Wednesday.

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