Our Readers' 15 Favorite Beaches

by - January 30, 2010 See all photo galleries
Florida: Siesta Key: Boy on the beach

With more than 250 responses to our call for your favorite beaches, it's obvious that you love the feel of sand between your toes, sunlight on your face, and the sound of waves crashing. Not to mention that you have different ideas for what makes an ideal beach.

We've received nominations for beaches from all over the world, with quite a few in the U.S., especially in Florida and Hawaii. However, there's enough variety to keep the list interesting. So, without further ado, here are your favorite beaches in order from those that recieved the most comments to the least.

Siesta Key, Florida

Located just a hop, skip, and a jump from Sarasota, Florida, Siesta Key is at the top of many reader's lists. In fact, several people commented that this is by far the best beach they have ever stepped foot on. The reasons are plain to see when you consider the powder-like sand stretches that go on for miles and the potential for a wide variety of wildlife sightings.

Reader tmcree said, "I love Siesta Key, Florida. It has white, wide beaches with powder soft sand. I have never seen a better place to watch the sunset! You can walk the crescent shaped beach for miles without encountering any obstacles other than the other people who are doing the same. There are also some secluded spots on the island if you want a little more privacy. Great accommodations are steps from the beach, and many choices for good food."

Reader anitae added, "No question in our minds. The beach at Siesta Key, Florida, just outside of Sarasota, has the best sand and is a pleasant place in general despite the fact that it can get crowded and parking can be a problem. But what good beach doesn't have those problems!"

(Photo: iStockphoto/Kimberly Raterman)

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