Alternative Beach Accommodations For Extraordinary Trips

by - February 11, 2008 See all photo galleries
Seaside villas in Portofino, Italy

Some of us are drawn to the ocean like a moth to a flame, and finding the right accommodations can present several issues. Will it fit in my budget? Will I have to fight for prime beach real estate? Will I have to fix my own meals? Here are several different ways to be close to the water without sacrificing your overall needs. From camping to sleeping under the sea, there's something for everyone who loves the water.

Seaside Villa

The word "villa" usually conjures romantic images of a stunning house somewhere in Europe, especially with so many in Italy overlooking the water. There are many reasons to stay in an Italian villa. Some villas accommodate fairly large numbers perfect for a family reunion, others offer a private pool, and still others simply give you a taste of the European lifestyle for a week or so. You can find a slew of websites to rent such a property, but be sure to do your research. Though villas can be pretty pricey, they can be worth every penny if you find what you're looking for.

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