Top five inexpensive U.S. summer vacation cities

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Dining in Las Vegas (Photo: Las Vegas News Bureau)
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When you plan for your summer vacation, the first type of destination that may come to mind is a larger, more touristy city like New York or San Francisco. But these aren't the only cities in the U.S. that are worth visiting. In fact, you can find great bargains and no shortage of activities across the country—if you know where to look.

We've put together a list of cities that offer inexpensive basic travel costs and affordable entertainment options.


The average city visitor in the U.S. spends about half of his or her travel budget on transportation and lodging. Obviously, the less you spend on these, the more affordable the vacation. Look to low-cost carriers like JetBlue, Southwest, and others to pave the way for inexpensive domestic flights between the cities they serve. Our list is primarily based on cost of round-trip travel, lodging, entertainment, and availability of public transportation.

Las Vegas

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Las Vegas hotels have curbed their historical practice of undercharging guests to lure more gamblers through their doors, but cheap buffets, meal deals, and free entertainment still abound for the budget traveler. Our recent survey of last-minute airfare specials and limited-time sales netted an average airfare to Sin City of just $155, bottoming out on flights from Ontario, California, at $58 round-trip. The average discounted hotel price based on sales listed on was $62.

The biggest bargain in Las Vegas is the abundance of free entertainment and inexpensive meal options. Themed hotels in the form of pyramids, international cities, and castles make casino hopping fun on the outside, while watching high-rollers win makes for interesting entertainment inside. Other free attractions include fountain and light shows, animal parks, and museums. Free drinks and cheap buffets are a lure to get gamblers into the casino; take advantage of them to keep your expenses low.

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New Orleans

New Orleans is another good choice for an inexpensive vacation with plenty to offer. Flights average around $150 round-trip, and the average discounted hotel price is $67. Save even more on travel by riding one of Amtrak's three routes to New Orleans.

The inexpensive entertainment of New Orleans is found in the sights and sounds of the streets. For daytime fun, take a walking tour of the French Quarter, the Garden District, or through the city's famed historical cemeteries. At night, take in the sounds of jazz as you stroll the energetic streets. Guided tours cost about $15, or you can guide yourself with the help of a good guidebook or information from Internet sites like To save on food and entertainment costs, take advantage of the coupons also available on that site.


The arrival of low-cost airlines Southwest and Frontier to the City of Brotherly Love has made transportation to Philadelphia the least expensive on our list. Round-trip flights start as low as $48. The inexpensive airfares to Philadelphia are somewhat offset by high hotel prices, however. Discount hotel prices average $94, and retail price for one- through three-star hotels at averages $140. Philadelphia is also accessible via numerous Amtrak train routes.

As a former U.S. capital, Philadelphia offers a rich history that is evident on the city's many walking tours, which will take you by the U.S. Mint, the First Bank of the U.S., and the Betsy Ross house. Independence National Historical Park is America's most historic square mile. With about 40 buildings on 45 acres of real estate, it includes Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and a museum dedicated to teaching about the life of Benjamin Franklin.

Portland, Oregon

With its four world-class gardens and environmentally friendly public transportation system, Portland considers itself a green city. It's also a city that saves you a lot of green. Airfare prices average $152 round-trip, and discounted hotel prices in Portland average $60. To avoid expensive lodging costs, consider booking a hotel outside the city limits of Portland, as there is an 11.5 percent tax on rooms in the city. Portland is also accessible via three different Amtrak train routes.

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