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by SmarterTravel Staff
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While the majority of you indicated you don't use mobile travel apps, those of you who do like our sister company, TripAdvisor, which came out as the big winner with more than 23 percent of the vote. Thanks for validating all the hard work we do! You also gave kudos to Google Earth (7 percent) and Kayak (6.4 percent).

For those of you who don't use travel apps—why not? For those who do—what, in your opinion, makes a really useful on-the-go tool? Are you more inclined to use resource-oriented apps (e.g., maps, reviews, listings) or commerce apps? Would you ever be willing to purchase airfare, hotel rooms, or a car rental via a mobile device?


First Place: TripAdvisor
Second Place: Google Earth
Third Place: Kayak

Voting Breakdown

Travel App Percentage of Votes Received
TripAdvisor 23.6%
Google Earth 7.0%
Kayak 6.4%
Yelp 2.9%
Flight Seat Guide 2.8%
FlightTrack Pro 2.5%
Urban Spoon 1.5%
AroundMe 1.1%
Gate Guru 0.5%
WHERE 0.4%

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