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No, it's not jetlag or one pint too many. That statue did, in fact, just speak to you. This summer, Sing London, a non-profit arts organization will be turning 35 of the city's statues into talking tales of the past. Part of an initiative to "lift the nation's spirits" these historical spots in London (and Manchester) will be chatting away all season long.

Visitors will hear recognizable British actors' voices by swiping a smartphone over a sign beneath the statue, which will then call the phone and play a monologue. Hear Dominic West as Achilles, Jeremy Paxman as John Wikes, and Prunella Scales as Queen Victoria. You'll be able to listen to history starting August 19.

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JetBlue is shaking up the check-in process as we know it.

The low-cost U.S. carrier will eliminate the online or airport check-in requirement for passengers flying in Even More Space seats starting immediately. The airline is calling this "automatic check-in." JetBlue plans to offer a check-in free experience to more of its passengers by 2015. ... read more»

Worker Loading Luggage onto Airplane on Tarmac (Photo: Getty Images/Stone)

How's the airline industry doing this summer?

Based on just-released results for June from American and Southwest: Very well, thanks.

American, whose results included US Airways' operations as well, reported a 1 percent increase in traffic from June 2013, and expects 2nd-quarter revenue-per-seat to be around 6 percent higher than last year's.

Due to increased capacity, June load factor (the percentage of seats occupied) was down slightly, from 86.9 percent last year to 85.0 percent. ... read more»

Imagine breezing through the TSA airport-security line with your shoes, jacket, and jewelry still on, and your laptop stowed safely in your carry-on. How much is it worth to skip the mildly degrading barefoot shuffle through the airport body scanner and clock an extra 20 minutes of sleep on a travel day? According to a recent Harris Poll, $50 is the average amount American fliers would be willing to shell out to be part of an expedited screening program like TSA's PreCheck—$35 less than the current $85 price tag.

As someone who's in an airport more weeks than not, $85 seems a small price to pay. But my PreCheck status was originally accidental and, at times, has been conditional. Like many passengers, I was ushered into a separate line one day at LAX. (The TSA determines eligibility for the program on a flight-by-flight basis for those who aren't official paying members.) ... read more»

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Your summer U.S. air-travel forecast: It's going to be crowded. And expensive. A new report from Bloomberg says that domestic tickets are pricier than previously, and planes are flying fuller than ever.  

Compared to last year, airfares are slightly more expensive this summer. A drop in flight frequency, a recovering economy, and a rise in demand are to blame, according to Bloomberg. Data from Travelocity shows that the average price of a domestic roundtrip ticket is about $399.48—up 4.5 percent from last year. ... read more»

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What is it: Cozy Cover Portable Easy Seat

Price and Where to Buy: $28 to $30 (with shipping), available on and Amazon

Pros: This is the smallest, lightest high-chair option imaginable. It's cloth and comes with its own stuff sack, so it's possible to have this in a diaper bag as back-up when you find yourself somewhere without a high chair. Think of it as the alternative to holding your child on your lap while feeding him or her, and then think of how much cleaner your clothes will be at the end of the meal. ... read more»

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This story originally appeared on Yahoo! Travel.

If you live in an urban environment, outdoor dining can be a bit of a letdown.

The search for a meal that can be enjoyed in the fresh air and sunshine often results in cramming yourself in a hot metal chair on a sidewalk while a city bus chugs by.

Need to get away? Check out six of the country's best farm-to-fork alfresco dining venues, including a chic metropolitan rooftop farm and a sweeping ranch-side winery. ... read more»

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Despite some opposition, Norwegian launched its new low-fare nonstops to London/Gatwick from three U.S. airports last week: twice a week from Ft. Lauderdale, twice a week from Los Angeles, and three times a week from New York/JFK. Schedules are the standard transatlantic pattern: overnight to London, day flight returning. Norwegian touts "affordable" fares, and its prices, as posted, are generally lower than comparable nonstop fares on the giant lines. Norwegian's fares vary from flight to flight, but I sampled typical round-trip summer (mid-August) and winter (mid-January) round-trip fares to London/Gatwick: ... read more»

Airport: Checking in With Phone (Photo: Qantas Airways)

The prospect of an uncharged cellphone strikes fear in the hearts of many mobile road warriors.

To that trepidation can now be added yet another source of anxiety: the very real possibility that they will be stripped of their cellphones or denied boarding on U.S.-bound flights.

According to Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security, "DHS continually assesses the global threat environment and reevaluates the measures we take to promote aviation security. As part of this ongoing process, I have directed TSA to implement enhanced security measures in the coming days at certain overseas airports with direct flights to the United States. We will work to ensure these necessary steps pose as few disruptions to travelers as possible. We are sharing recent and relevant information with our foreign allies and are consulting the aviation industry." ... read more»

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Tripology, a USA TODAY Travel affiliate, released a list of the five top activity types requested by travelers on their vacations. We took a closer look at each one and came up with our favorite destinations for each category. ... read more»

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