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Train in a Paris Station (Photo: iStockphoto/Perry Kroll)

In the wake of last week's foiled attack on a train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris, European and leading world officials are left wondering what exactly can be done about security in train stations.

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Seeing the aurora borealis, or the northern lights, here on Earth is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Seeing it from space is even more epic.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly posted a video from the International Space Station as he flew over an aurora borealis traveling at about 17,000 miles per hour. These spectacular lights may be the aftermath of a solar storm from earlier this month.

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We visit properties all over the world, but we have to admit that most of our favorites fall into the "beach hotel" category. After all, few experiences can compete with a "toes in the sand" one...couple that with a "drink in hand," and you've basically found paradise. During our travels, we have stayed in hundreds upon hundreds of ocean-view rooms, but today we're sharing the truly show-stopping vistas from rooms and suites at hotels with some of the best oceanfront locations around.

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The D23 Expo, billed as "the ultimate Disney fan event," is a three-day convention sprawling over a million square feet in the Anaheim Convention Center. It happens every other August, and last weekend, I attended its fourth iteration, along with more than 60,000 people hailing from all 50 states, and from 28 countries.

As I braved the happy hordes of Disnerds, Lucas devotees, Marvel fans, and cosplayers, my mission was to scout and report all things travel-related. Here's what's new and coming soon from the company that's been cranking out hits since 1923.

Star Wars!

Disney is making the most out of Bob Iger's acquisitions tear, and the biggest news revealed at D23, which Iger himself announced to an audience of 7,500, is that two U.S. Disney parks—California's Disneyland and Florida's Hollywood Studios—are each getting a 14-acre Star Wars-themed land.

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When it comes to great road trips, there's nothing better than a journey up the California Coast. As you explore the sunshine state from south to north, you'll find lovely beaches, gorgeous open roads, and incredible little hideaways. Whether you take the coastal Highway 1, or the more inland 101 South, there are spots along the way you just can't miss. We picked out the eight stopovers we love most.

San Diego

Deciding how to spend your time in San Diego can be tough. If you want gorgeous beaches, head to the white powder of Coronado Beach. If you want to do something a bit different, check out the famous San Diego Zoo. And if you just want to relax (with a cocktail), well, head to the luxurious Palomar San Diego, where you'll also find an awesome rooftop bar.

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So, you have a few extra vacation days and the desire to go somewhere, but don't know where to go? will figure out the cheapest and most compatible trip for you, depending on your budget, days of travel, and interests. Sounds pretty ideal to me. The Silicon Valley startup, founded by entrepreneur Scott Wainner, focuses on the spontaneity in travel and aims to simplify searches of budget travel. We caught up with the CEO and founder to see what's next for the site.

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Hotels are targeting millennials. Here's what this means, and how the 18- to 34-year-old set are forcing the hospitality industry to redefine itself. ... read more»