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What Is it: A uniquely shaped massage ball that is the perfect tool for easing chronic muscle tension and acute muscle pain brought on by the discomforts of travel.

Price and Where to Buy: $19.97 from

Pros: It may not look like much—and at first blush, it definitely doesn't look like it's worth the $20 to $25 retail price—but this little massage ball packs a powerful punch. I've long relied on inexpensive tennis balls, lacrosse balls, and even high-bounce rubber balls for self-massaging sore and tired muscles on the go—at the airport, in my hotel room, etc. What sets this massage ball apart, though, is its shape.

The trigger point massage ball isn't perfectly round—it has a slightly pointed tip, more like an egg than a ball—and that makes all the difference in getting at the tender points in your back, shoulders, and neck. It's the difference between a surface-level massage and a deep-tissue massage. The pointed tip feels like someone's thumb pressing deeply into your sore muscles and rubbing away the tension. It's the perfect antidote to a long, cramped flight in coach.

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