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What is it: Delsey Solution 18-inch International Carry-On Spinner Carry-On Suitcase

Price and Where to Buy: $102 on Amazon; $108 on

Pros: This 18-inch carry-on (which actually measures 20 inches with its wheels) meets the tighter carry-on restrictions passengers face on some international airlines, but what this suitcase lacks in height, it makes up for with a bit of added width. Its surprisingly roomy main compartment is both deep and wide, and in our tests had nearly the same amount of room as larger carry-ons. Four roller wheels and good clearance make pulling or pushing the case a breeze, and a small exterior pocket is just large enough for a few travel documents. But the most unusual—and impressive—feature of the Solution is its ability to fold up for easy storage when not in use. The folding system reduces its volume by 75 percent, making it small enough to slide under a bed, and the included PVC cover keeps it dust-free when it's in storage.

Cons: It's on the small end of carry-ons. The absence of a long side means you won't be able to fit taller objects like foldable travel tripods. But it's ideal for people looking for a carry-on that meets international carry-on restrictions and will continue to be useful as a domestic carry-on even if the airline industry tightens its carry-on size restrictions. ... read more»

What is it: Eagle Creek AWD Tarmac 22-Inch Carry-On

Price and Where to Buy: $330 on Amazon; $330 on

Pros : This 22-inch carry-on is full of features designed to help packing and traveling. Padded exterior pockets fit even large laptops, and an additional padded tablet sleeve make stashing electronics easy. It has a lockable exterior pocket large enough to fit your 3-1-1 items, and inside, equal packing space on both sides of the bag, with a zippered compartment and a cargo net so you can open and close the suitcase without items spilling out. It also has three clever options for securing additional items to the outside of the bag: a clip for attaching an additional bag, a securable bungee cord for anchoring a jacket to the top of the suitcase, and netting that can be moved from the suitcase's interior to the outside to attach more gear.

Cons: Weighing in at just over eight pounds, the AWD Tarmac is on the heavier end of the lightweight spectrum, so if you're looking for a minimalist case, it may not be for you. ... read more»