(Photo: Aetrex)

What Is it: The Justin Boat Shoe from Aetrex.

Price and Where to Buy: $119.95 on Amazon.

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Ryanair jets lined up on the runway (Photo: Airbus S.A.S. )

Is Ryanair business class an oxymoron? We'll soon know.

"Europe's favourite low cost airline" (Ryanair's self-description) rolled out Ryanair Business Plus, what it's calling "a tailored suite of travel benefits."

Predictably, nowhere in that "suite" is anything resembling a suite, or even a seat with significantly more legroom. ... read more»

Are you sitting in your cubicle at work, bored and daydreaming about the exotic islands you would rather be on? Take our quiz to help narrow down your fantasy… we'll tell you where to go for your best vacation ever! ... read more»

(Photo: Anne Banas)

While rolling down Route 52, between Megunticook Lake's placid waters and the leafy maples of Camden Hills State Park, a sandwich board with the words "fresh blueberries" slowly came into focus. I made the snap decision to pull a Smart-car-sized U-ey into a dirt-covered driveway, my tiny wheels creating plumes of dust behind a roadside farm stand. As I opened the door, a gray-haired man casually approached me, looked at my little car, and said, "You could fit 40 of those cars in here." Yes, it was summer in Maine. ... read more»

(Photo: Clever Travel Companion)

What Is it: Clever Travel Companion Two-Pocket Tank

Price and Where to Buy: $29.90 on

Clever Travel Companion debuted a new two-pocket tank top (also available as a T-shirt). Whereas the original tank positions the single zippered pocket along the center of the body, right about where ribs meet abdomen, the new tank has two pockets positioned along the side of the body, a few inches below the underarms. The main benefit to the new design is that you can wear the tank top alone (rather than under a shirt or sweater), and no one will be able to see the outline of the objects you've squirreled away in your low-profile zippered hidey pockets. ... read more»

American plane taxiing down the runway (Photo:  Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport)

Want to book a flight on American Airlines? Fine, just don't plan to buy your ticket from Orbitz. According to American: "American Airlines has withdrawn its fares from consumer websites powered by Orbitz, effective immediately."

US Airways fares will be pulled as well, beginning on September 1. ... read more»

A United Airlines plane was diverted this morning after two flyers got into an ugly fight about seat reclining. This is the natural course of events in a densely packed sky tube where passengers have the option to thrust their seatbacks into the faces of folks behind them. I'm surprised this is the first time I'm hearing of this kind of incident.

According to a report from the Associated Press, two flyers sitting in United's Economy Plus section were overcome with air rage when a guy availed himself of a Knee Defender. (The Knee Defender is a device that locks onto a tray table and prevents the seat in front from reclining.) On the flight from Newark to Denver, the man set up the $21.95 tool to stop the person in front of him from leaning her seat back while he was using his laptop. A flight attendant asked the man to put the thing away, presumably after the woman in the targeted seat complained. The man and his precious knees refused. ... read more»

(Photo: Rick Steves)

Years and years ago, I was on a train heading to Rothenburg to update the ultimate medieval town in Germany for my guidebook. I knew the town well and was anticipating a happy homecoming. The cute lanes would be filled with my readers, who cheered me on. I loved going to Rothenburg.

As I was preparing for a connection, I realized the train I was on was heading for Prague. I started comparing the value of spending the next three days in Rothenburg versus doing a groundbreaking research stint in Prague shortly after the end of the Cold War. I stayed on that train and didn't get off until I reached the Golden City of a Hundred Spires. What followed was one of the most exciting and rewarding weeks of guidebook research I can remember. ... read more»

Miami Beach, FL, Lifeguard Station (Photo:

As we reported earlier in the month, booking data from Expedia pointed to a very busy upcoming Labor Day travel weekend; now, AAA's forecast is here, and it concurs.

Here's your AAA end-of-summer holiday forecast for travel from Thursday, August 28 to Monday, September 1: It will be the busiest Labor Day weekend for travelers since 2008. AAA says 29.7 million drivers will hit the road in the U.S., and 2.65 million people will fly. The travel increase is mainly on account of two factors: We're in a post-recession recovery, and Labor Day takes place in August this year. ... read more»

<p>If Ohio isn't one of the first places that comes to mind when thinking about fall foliage, think again. This Midwestern state has been wowing visitors with its impressive array of colors for years. The northern part of the state begins to turn in late September, and the process trickles down to the southern areas by the end of October. Keep an eye on the different <a href="" target="_blank">regions' conditions</a> to see which will be offering the most color at the time of your visit.</p><p>(Photo:</p>

If it's Labor Day, it's time to think about fall foliage travel. Although New England grabs a lot of the publicity, you actually find good fall foliage throughout much of the U.S. and Canada. Peak times for viewing depend on where you go; they move from north to south over a period between mid-September and mid-November. And you can view them on your own, on bus tours, or on trains.

Where to Go: The "best" places to see spectacular fall colors are generally thought to be New England, Alaska, the Great Smoky Mountains area, the mid-Atlantic from central Virginia to Pennsylvania, much of the Midwest from Michigan to Missouri, and northerly western Rocky Mountain, Sierra Nevada, and Cascades mountain areas.

Several national parks feature fall foliage. The Park Service is justly proud of its foliage opportunities. Top national-park spots include Shenandoah National Park, Virginia; Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming; Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio; Acadia National Park, Maine; Denali National Park, Alaska; various locations in Montana; and Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee and North Carolina. ... read more»

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