Visitors to Disney theme parks can blame Uber for a potential ticket price increase as Walt Disney Co. toys with the idea of adopting a surge-pricing model at the park's California and Florida locations (as reported by the Wall Street Journal). My first thought was disappointment and frustration too … but then I started wondering, is it really that bad of an idea? ... read more»

Airbus, the ubiquitous provider of airplanes to major airlines worldwide, has filed a few new patents lately. And suffice to say, I am less than on board (excuse the pun) with what they've come up with.

Keep in mind that hundreds of patents are filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office yearly by airlines, so it's unlikely these exact torturous configurations will ever come to fruition. But still—how did anyone ever think this was a good idea? ... read more»

With the prospect of fall foliage and apple cider on my mind, it was time to get out of the city and escape somewhere where I could hike through actual forests instead of crowds of Boston commuters. I scanned the map and put my finger on Brattleboro, Vermont, a little town only two hours from the city, and located in a state I had been anxious to cross of my list. ... read more»

"Bienvenue to the bowels of Paris!" ... read more»

Admit it … you have unused vacation days … and it happens every year. Turns out Americans leave a total of 429 million vacation days unused annually (according to a 2014 Oxford Economics analysis). Skift and Boxever recently investigated why most Americans are vacation-deficient, and found out more about the people who do take their vacation time. ... read more»

If the end of your vacation has got you down, try these helpful tricks for keeping the travel high going long after your trip ends. ... read more»

You can now binge watch all your favorite Netflix series on a long flight, or finally figure out what's so great about that one show everyone in the office is talking about. Thanks to a new partnership between Virgin America and ViaSat, 10 of Virgin's airbus A320 aircrafts now have a faster Wi-Fi connection, claiming that speeds are just as fast at 35,000 feet as they would be at home. ... read more»

When it comes to saving money, budget travelers are known to go to extremes. Maybe that's why Orion Travel Technology has devised a pretty extreme way to save money on bag fees.

Orion's new idea may be a game changer. The company is offering to pay your bag fees for you. The catch? Your luggage will become a rolling advertisement for one of their partners. ... read more»

With the growing popularity of adventure travel, more and more people are taking their vacations to the extreme. An adventure trip can be anything from a hike to a sailing trip or a biking tour; but most importantly, it's about exploring and enjoying the natural beauty of the planet. Adventure travel can be an extremely fulfilling and transformative experience, but no adventure trip is the same and there is a lot you need to consider before you book. ... read more»

This shirt will easily become your go-to wardrobe staple while on the road. ... read more»