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There's been a lot of talk lately about discount airlines providing low-fare flights to European cities. London, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen are now an inexpensive Wow Air or Norweigan Air flight away from the U.S.—that is, if you're willing to forego an in-flight meal and deal with a layover. But many business travelers and membership-savvy flyers aren't looking for a cheap, lengthy flight sans free food.

Enter Scandinavian Airlines. Because air travel involving even a brief layover is a unique beast, the membership-centric airline (also called SAS) is launching daily direct flights between Boston and Copenhagen on March 29. Copenhagen to Miami direct flights will begin in September. Scandinavians have, until now, only been able to fly direct to the east coast through New York and Washington, but it seems they can now broaden their horizons to New England and Florida.

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<p>A Kenyan safari should appeal to any earth-conscious traveler. With more than 50 parks to choose from, it's easy to see elephants, wildebeest, lions, and other wildlife close up. <a href=""target="_blank">Friendly Planet</a> offers a nine-night trip, including airfare, many meals, in-country transportation, and sightseeing excursions from $2,799.</p> 

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What is it: The Leaf by Bellabeat, smart jewelry that helps track your activities.

Price and Where to Buy: Starts at $119 on Bellabeat's website.


  • Can be worn discreetly—we clipped ours on to the side of our boot and it was unnoticeable, unlike traditional fitness trackers
  • Stylish design comes in silver or rose gold
  • Can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, or clipped on
  • Battery lasts for up to six months without charging
  • Wirelessly syncs with your smartphone
  • 14 day memory
  • Can set silent reminder and wake-up alarms
  • Tracks and analyzes your sleep
  • Monitors your activities (customize your goal for active minutes or steps)
  • Can set an inactive alarm to alert you if you've been sedentary too long
  • Includes breathing exercises to help you relax


  • Not water-resistant, although it can stand up to sweat during a workout

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I spent 11 days in Myanmar aboard Avalon River Cruises' Avalon Myanmar in December.

Where: Myanmar (you may know it as Burma)

When: Mid-December

Weather: Hot in Yangon, where I spent three days. Cool in the mornings and hot during the day on the Irrawaddy River between Bhamo and Bagan.

Type of Trip: Cruise

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